A Welcome to Speeches and Sprints.


Before class begins.

Welcome to Speeches & Sprints, a blog that offers speech tips, techniques and critique through my lens as speechwriter and cycle instructor. As I mentioned in my inaugural post, this blog examines speeches, speechwriting and delivery. I feature speeches from the worlds of sports, history, pop culture and entertainment, as well as speeches from elected leaders.

This blog also provides insights to improve our presentations at work, as well as our performance whether teaching or taking indoor group cycling classes.

Writing and giving speeches and indoor cycling seem to have nothing in common on first blush, but both activities share similarities and connections. You have to prepare for peak performance. You have to plan for contingencies. And sometimes, you have to improvise in the moment. Those are just a few of the commonalities that bind together the many different people and experiences of those who speak, teach or ride.

So this blog is a resource for those different people who ride. Write. Speak. Present. Read. Teach. Learn. And it is a blog about discovery: not only speeches and the people who deliver them, but also what drives us to speak and to act with passion and inspiration.

That may seem like a pretty wide swath. So let’s break it down a bit more: Speeches and Sprints is for writers, riders, cycle instructors and all those who wish to improve their presentations and performance, whether that takes place in a conference room, a classroom or a cycle room.

Now some of you may be thinking: Whoa! That all sounds pretty lofty, but just where does lofty fit in to my busy life?

Well, speeches aren’t just words read from a presidential podium. We speak when we give a talk at work; when we welcome guests at our houses of worship; when we’re coaching a little league team at the park. We touch the lives of our colleagues, friends and families when we do. So we should make what we say count in each of those moments. This blog will help. And the more we read, write, watch–and practice–the better we will become.

Prepping to write...yes, I often use pen and paper!

Prepping to write–and yes, I capture my ideas using pen and paper!

Since I feature speeches from contemporary and historical figures, Speeches and Sprints makes an excellent resource for English, history and speech teachers, too! Use this space as inspiration to launch lesson plan ideas, and to inform your in-class discussions.

And speaking of inspiration–I hope my blog inspires you to make the next day better than the last. How that is defined, I leave to you. It’s my hope that Speeches and Sprints helps to guide your journey along the way.

So join me. Read. Follow. Comment. Share. Let’s get better, together.

Again, welcome!

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