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Finally Friday!

I’ve had a busy few days, dear reader. But never fear: Here’s a Friday Find for you from Anquan Bouldin, NFL wide receiver (and former Raven–just thought I’d throw that in there) and 2016 Walter Payton Man of the Year award recipient.

Watch as he accepts his award. His speech is both humble and resolute.


As a star NFL player, Bouldin has the money and means to do anything that might appeal to him, but he realized that life held more purpose and promise. And he has committed to that higher purpose of helping those in need by hosting a summer enrichment program, providing scholarships and partnering with Oxfam America to bring attention to the drought in Ethiopia and the need for transparency in the gold industry within Senegal.

Sweetness, indeed.

So let this Friday Find inspire you to discover and define your life’s purpose.



Monday Motivation: Fight YOUR Fight.

Welcome to the week!

I found today’s Monday Motivation in the Ravens’ locker room.

My poor Ravens. We’re not having such a great season. But yesterday, Ray Lewis spoke to the team before the start of the game with the San Diego Chargers. And he showed, once again, why he masters motivational speaking.

“Baltimore Locker Room Nov 1” Courtesy The Official & Only Facebook Page of Ray Lewis reminded the team:

Yesterday’s win only takes us to 2 and 6 for the season so far. Not great. But as Lewis reminds us:

One and 6 doesn’t define who you are. What defines who you are is what you do when you’re 1 and 6. –Ray Lewis

His words seemed to work for the team! But this talk can hold serious lessons for us all: Our challenges don’t define us; how we respond to them do.

We probably have some “1 and 6 moments” in our lives. No matter. As Lewis said, we can either “make the play or watch the play being made.”

So for today, and this week, let’s decide to “make the play” and keep plugging away at our goals.

“Fight your fight.” And win!