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Monday Motivation: Fight YOUR Fight.

Welcome to the week!

I found today’s Monday Motivation in the Ravens’ locker room.

My poor Ravens. We’re not having such a great season. But yesterday, Ray Lewis spoke to the team before the start of the game with the San Diego Chargers. And he showed, once again, why he masters motivational speaking.

“Baltimore Locker Room Nov 1” Courtesy The Official & Only Facebook Page of Ray Lewis reminded the team:

Yesterday’s win only takes us to 2 and 6 for the season so far. Not great. But as Lewis reminds us:

One and 6 doesn’t define who you are. What defines who you are is what you do when you’re 1 and 6. –Ray Lewis

His words seemed to work for the team! But this talk can hold serious lessons for us all: Our challenges don’t define us; how we respond to them do.

We probably have some “1 and 6 moments” in our lives. No matter. As Lewis said, we can either “make the play or watch the play being made.”

So for today, and this week, let’s decide to “make the play” and keep plugging away at our goals.

“Fight your fight.” And win!

He’s Unbelievable.

I don’t believe New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady when he denied knowledge about his team’s use of deflated footballs during their win over the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure: I am a Ravens fan. So I rather dislike the fact that it is the Patriots that will be playing in the Super Bowl.

Team loyalty is not driving my disbelief, but rather, my belief that “Deflate-gate” is a joke to Brady. The integrity of a game raking in billions of dollars a year is serious business. (No really–no one’s quite sure exactly how many billions of dollars in revenue the nonprofit National Football League takes in.)

And Brady demonstrated that he didn’t take the proceedings seriously. Starting with this:

Tom Brady 01222015

Style icons by definition are careful about the clothes they wear.

Flag on the play.

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