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Hope Shall Prevail Over Hate.

Madeline’s picture of Emanuel AME Church and the “Beautiful Nine.” Courtesy of Madeline and riverofmuscadinespublishing.com.

President Obama; Attorney General Lynch; Lynch’s husband, Stephen Hargrove; Lynch’s father, Rev. Lorenzo Lynch; Lynch’s mother, Lorine Lynch; and Justice Sotomayor. Courtesy of C-SPAN.

Last week, I planned to post about Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Investiture Ceremony. Great speeches were made, of course, but the image of President Obama, Attorney General Lynch, her family and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomoyor was so powerful. It was a beautiful site to behold.

I planned to talk about how the ceremony was worthy of the woman who now holds the office of Attorney General of the United States. From dealing with police brutality allegations to tackling corruption at the highest levels of FIFA, it seems the Attorney General scarcely had time for niceties like a formal welcome ceremony. I’d want to hit the ground running too, after the shameless runaround courtesy of the United States Senate.

I planned to write about how proud she looked, flanked by her husband and her parents, praised by President Obama, and sworn in by Justice Sotomayor, using a bible that belonged to Frederick Douglass. I planned to write that the speeches were as powerful as the image.

And I planned to write that I thought that Douglass, in spirit, would approve.

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