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About the First Debate: Vice President Biden Cuts to the Quick.

I didn’t watch the first debate between Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Monday nights are my early-to-bed nights. But frankly, I was not keen on watching the rude and boorish behavior that I knew would be on display, either.

Sadly, Trump didn’t disappoint in that regard. I found myself deeply dismayed as I read the debate highlights–particularly Trump’s glib attitude toward paying taxes, among other things.

Then I watched Vice President Joe Biden’s speech at Drexel University this morning for National Voter Registration Day and was struck when he asked,

What in the hell is he [Trump] talking about?

Your thoughts echo my own, Mr. Vice President.

Watch below as he shares his insights.

By the way, Trump’s performance should be a cautionary tale against winging it when it comes to delivering an important presentation. Respect yourself and your audience. Take preparation seriously.

Courtesy CBS News


Vice President Joe Biden: Not Running for President in 2016

Vice President Joe Biden announced his decision this afternoon. Watch it starting at the 7:28 mark.

Courtesy Washington Post

It was a strong statement about what led to his decision. Biden also underscored the achievements of the Obama Administration. But I have to say that I felt a bit wistful for the Vice President when he said,

Mr. President, thank you for lending me the Rose Garden for a minute.

I feel privileged that this public servant serves as our Vice President.

Pope Francis: “Be Courageous!”

Pope Francis will soon land in the United States for his history-making visit. First stop? Washington, DC.

Such excitement surrounds His Holiness’ visit. I feel it, too. President Obama and the First Lady will greet the Pope at Joint Base Andrews, along with Vice President and Dr. Biden, Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland, Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virginia and Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser.

That type of welcome to the United States rarely happens.

I especially await the message he will bring to Capitol Hill during a joint session of Congress on September 24. (I will post the speech as soon as transcripts and video are available.)

So, before he lands on North American soil, watch a “virtual visit” Pope Francis made a couple of weeks ago to parishioners in cities he wouldn’t have time to visit. Watch especially at the 2:25 mark, as he encouraged a girl who had once been bullied to sing for him. Of course, she was nervous. Truth be told, I’d be nervous, too.

But he–speaking in English–encouraged her to be courageous. The moment was pure magic. It was also another example of how the Pontiff connects with his audience: using the power of his moral authority; speaking with warmth; and showing a bit of humility by speaking in English, which is not his strongest language. He was demonstrating some courage, too.

Be courageous, everyone! Speak, and act, with courage.

And welcome, Pope Francis.

In Memorium: Beau Biden

Late Saturday night, Vice President Joe Biden announced that his son, Beau Biden, passed away after his fight with brain cancer. The former Delaware attorney general and Iraq War veteran was 46.

This saddens me so.  I don’t know the Biden family, but my heart is full for them. Though Beau Biden faced challenges, he lived a full and successful life, with the promise of an even brighter future ahead of him.

I will never forget his heartfelt introduction of his father at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Listening to this speech again moved me.

Courtesy Democratic National Convention

Perhaps the best thing that could ever be said about Vice President Biden was said by Beau as he began that speech:

I’m Beau Biden. And Joe Biden is my Dad.

Rest in eternal peace.