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“Mamba Out.”

Last night was one for the ages for NBA fans.

While the record-breaking Golden State Warriors show that they are the NBA’s future, Kobe Bryant, playing  in his final NBA game, is now part of the NBA’s storied past.

And Bryant made his exit as only he could: by scoring 60 points to lead his beloved Lakers in a win over the Utah Jazz before an electric crowd at the Staples Center.

Talk about ending one’s career with an exclamation point!

Of course, a farewell of this magnitude would be incomplete without a farewell speech. He thanked his fans and family for supporting him on the incredible journey he has traveled as a Laker. I am amazed that he could find the words to speak after such an emotion-filled, physically-demanding performance.

After a 20-year career that includes winning five NBA championships (three of them in consecutive years), two Olympic gold medals and an NBA Most Valuable Player award–other than thank his fans, what can more can he say?

Mamba out. –Kobe Bryant

Courtesy of Sports Universe via ESPN


Speaker Paul Ryan: Wiping the Slate Clean.

America has a new Speaker of the House of Representatives: Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi hands the gavel to Speaker Paul Ryan. Photo courtesy chicagotribune.com

The 54th Speaker of the House–the first Speaker from the state of Wisconsin–succeeds former Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, who is also resigning his seat at the end of the year. Ryan was officially elected this morning by House members and sworn in by the dean of the House, Rep. John Conyers.

I could say a lot about the way business is conducted in the House of Representatives, and about how Members sometimes conduct themselves–and very little of it would be good.

Still, I am proud to see the peaceful transfer of power, whether it’s for a new President of the United States or Speaker of the House. Our country’s politics is so far from perfect, but this is a much preferred method of resolving our political differences than other methods to settle political disputes. And it is good to see the Members act like human beings instead of combatants. I saw more examples of unity and pageantry than displayed for the State of the Union address.

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