Making a Start, and Choosing Strength

The massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was one of 43 shootings that happened on June 12, 2016. It was the 141st mass shooting in the United States this year.

And today marks the ninth time President Obama will visit a community to offer words of comfort in the wake of such unspeakable violence.

Let that sink in for a moment.

I’d be less than truthful if I said I haven’t been dismayed by yet another mass shooting in our country.

But we must find hope, even at in the midst of the most harrowing times.

So as President Barack Obama fulfills his role as “Consoler in Chief,” this afternoon (accompanied by Vice President Biden), remember the words from Sunday night’s Tony Awards.

Whether from the great Frank Langella …

Courtesy CBS

…or from innovator Lin-Manuel Miranda …

Courtesy CBS

… we must remember that we have the power to choose our response–and that we should choose to love, because it lasts longer, and cannot be killed or swept aside.

Finally, we can take heart that we may finally see some movement on gun safety, thanks to the leadership of Sen. Chris Murphy.

It’s not enough. It will not bring back the 50 innocent souls that were robbed from us. But it is a start.

When something bad happens we have three choices. We can let it define us, we can let it destroy us or we can let it strengthen us. –Frank Langella


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