2016 International Women’s Day.

Whoa, Dear Reader: I’ve been on a bit of a sprint of my own lately. Work deadlines as far as the eye can see.

But fear not! We still have great speeches to listen to or read, especially on this International Women’s Day.

Check out today’s Google Doodle or watch the video below. It’s short.

Also check out the women you should know about on International Women’s Day, courtesy of The Guardian, along with some other cool links highlighting the international fight for women’s rights.

Thanks to watching this video, I learned about the brave Honduran environmental activist, Berta Cáceres, who was murdered a few days ago.

I honor her memory by featuring her acceptance speech during the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize ceremony (English translation provided), a prize awarded to grassroots environmental activists.

I’m a human rights fighter and I won’t give up. –Berta Cáceres


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