The Victors in Iowa

I’ve tried to avoid posting a lot of speeches by the 2016 presidential aspirants. That was a deliberate decision. It would be very easy to simply post speeches by politicians on a blog dedicated in large part to speeches, and I’ve tried to resist that urge.

That said, the speeches delivered by the man or woman who will serve as our next president are incredibly important. We all need to hear and listen to what is said, and how it is being said, as well as what is not said, and why.

Now that actual votes will be cast–rather than blather informed by various levels of intelligence regarding polls with various degrees of accuracy–we can really focus on what the aspirants have to offer.

Finally, I hasten to add that the speeches posted here, or in subsequent posts, do not reflect endorsement of the policies and ideology expressed by them.

On to the victors.

First, Ted Cruz on the Republican side:

Courtesy CNN

Now, Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side:

Courtesy CNN

Next stop: New Hampshire!

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