Monday Motivation, Part 2: Fired Up. Ready to Go.


President Obama delivers his last State of the Union (SOTU) Address tomorrow night. All indications show that he’s fired up and ready to do so.

And he’s so fired up about it that he has invited Greenwood County, SC, Council member Edith Childs, the originator of the phrase, to attend the SOTU in person.

So as a preview for tomorrow night’s address, watch the clip above about how the catchphrase was born.

And also, watch the video to get “fired up and ready to go”–for whatever you may be facing in your life.

Even during the cold, damp and mad times during your life’s journey, find that voice that says “fired up and ready to go,” even if it is small. Listen to that voice, even if it is a whisper. Say those words, even if you don’t yet believe them.

Keep saying them. And you may find that you are, indeed, “fired up.”

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