“I’m just so thankful.”

I’m a little nervous. I don’t do this every day. But first off, I just want to thank God for bringing me here and winning this prestigious award. He’s been so good for me in my life and I’ve been honored and blessed to get this opportunity. Since I was a kid, this has been a life-long goal and a dream of mine, and I’m just so thankful. –2015 Heisman Trophy Winner Derrick Henry

Courtesy Heisman Trophy

You know, I could write about the best or worst events that happened in 2015.

I could discuss resolutions for 2016.

But I’d like to end the year with a little football–and a lot of thankfulness.

If you’re like most, you either have been or will be watching college bowl games–enjoying the last bit of college football for the season. As you watch, however, remember that the players have proud family, friends and mentors that support their unpaid labor them as student athletes.

Take just a few minutes to hear 2015 Heisman Trophy Winner Derrick Henry honor his parents and grandmother for their sacrifices for him as a football player, along with his many coaches, trainers and teammates, among others.

Before you do, dear reader, let me express how thankful I am to you for your attention and encouragement this year. I’m looking forward to learning, sharing and growing even more in 2016.

Enjoy, be thankful–and have a Happy New Year!

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