Veterans Day

Although my schedule has been a bit hectic lately, I am never too busy to say “Thank you!” to veterans–those who have so ably served our country. Veterans are our husband and wives; our moms and dads; our brothers and sisters; and our aunts and uncles. Veterans are our friends, neighbors and co-workers.

This is the day to remember their service, and our opportunity to show honor, pay respect and say thank you. And we can do so in many ways. (By the way: I totally agree with #30 and #45!)

President Obama honors veterans today by proclamation and the speech he delivered at Arlington National Cemetery.

Courtesy C-SPAN

My way has been through interviewing veterans for inclusion into the Veterans History Project. Housed in the Library of Congress, it is a trove of firsthand wartime stories of veterans in their own words. Anyone can choose to collect these stories. All it takes is the time to interview a veteran, a recording device, thoughtful questions and the space to listen to the answers. Collecting these stories is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done, and I can’t wait to create the time to do more.

In what ways can you show your thanks? Don’t feel pressure to come up with all the answers for today.

Think of it as a year-long way to say, “Thank you.” And show by your actions that you mean it.

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