Monday Motivation: Be an “Incessant Optimist.”

Courtesy New York University

“This is awesome.”

Today’s Monday Motivation is taken from the 2012 NYU Commencement Speech delivered by Supreme Court Justice–and “Incessant Optimist”–Sonia Sotomayor. (Her remarks begin at the 5:29 mark.)

Equal parts advice to the graduates and love letter to New York City, Justice Sotomayor urges the graduates to do big things–and have a big attitude while doing so. She shared the emotions that shape her feelings about the future, and characterized the advice from Steve Jobs’s 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech and her own as an “attitude.” The Justice also reminds the audience that while “disappointment and uncertainty are constant companions in life’s pursuits,” it is OK not to have all the answers at once. We must accept that those constant companions will be present, but return to a well of incessant optimism that inspires hope and gives life meaning.

So. Your charge for the week is to tap into that incessant optimism to accomplish as much as you can to better the world. And do so with attitude.

“Dream big and achieve much.”

Yes, Justice Sotomayor. A wise Latina, indeed.

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