Monday Motivation: President Carter’s Sunday School Lesson

[My message is] one of hope and acceptance, yes. Hope for the best and accept what comes. You know, we–I think I have been as blessed as any human being in the world. Becoming president of the United States of America, and governor of Georgia, and the work of the Carter Center, a big and growing family and thousands of friends…and living to 91 at the first of October…so everything’s been a blessing for me. So, I’m thankful–and hopeful. –Former President Jimmy Carter

Today’s Monday Motivation is a lesson in grace and courage.

Last week, former President Jimmy Carter announced he has cancer, which now has spread to his brain. He detailed his diagnosis, and also said that he’d be cutting back on his many activities at The Carter Center.

Courtesy The Carter Center

But the one thing he would not cut back on is teaching his regular Sunday school class.

Yesterday he made good on his promise by teaching the class, as he has done 688 times before.

I cannot imagine the strength it took for him to face this diagnosis head on, share it publicly and to deliver the news directly, with humor and grace.

His press conference last week and his Sunday school lesson yesterday are themselves lessons in strength, and the power of speaking clearly and frankly.

There are those who talk tough, and there are those who, through their actions, show that they are tough.

President Carter is a wise man, a thoughtful man and a strong man.

I’m thankful for his example–and hopeful.

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