Wednesday Word: Take 10 Minutes.

Today’s Wednesday Word is the answer I give to people when I am asked about motivating myself on the days when I don’t feel like exercising (yes, that happens), or those times that I can’t seem to start writing (yes, that happens, too).

Take 10 minutes.

Set for 10 minutes--and go!

Set for 10 minutes–and go!

It’s easy. Grab a timer. Use a mechanical version, the timer on your microwave or stove or the timer found on a smartphone. Set for 10 minutes. Pursue the action–whether exercising or writing–for the entire time. Don’t look at the timer. Work diligently for those 10 minutes, and just those 10 minutes.

When the timer stops, assess what you’ve done, and how you feel.

If, on the eleventh minute, you cannot possibly perform another rep, move into another yoga pose or pedal another second, then stop. Same thing with writing: If you can’t seem to find the words to write, then stop. You will have given it your all for the moment.

Here’s the thing: You will find that you can keep going. You can hold the pose, take another hill and master another sprint or jump.

Similar to writing, you will find that the ideas will come. The words and phrases will flow.

Feeling accomplished? Good. Reset the timer and work for another 10-minute burst, and again assess where you are at the end of that burst.

So take 10 minutes. That burst can help on the days when you are not feeling as focused.

And that’s your Wednesday Word.

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