2015 Nerd Prom–Live Blogging

4.26.2015 Update: Missed last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Check it out here.


Courtesy C-SPAN

9:43: The speaking program is about to begin. Whew!

9:45: Christi Parsons, White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) president, delivering intro remarks.

9:48: Parsons is speaking about those who “practice journalism,” i.e., those who are jailed for their journalism.

9:51: Recognizing themselves. I suppose it’s the night for it.

9:53: Video of retired WH correspondents.

10:03: On to scholarship presentation, with an assist from FLOTUS. Margaret Talev, WHCA treasurer, speaking

10:04: She just used the phrase, “Without further ado.” So noted.

10:08: Parsons is back with more awards and a video.

10:13: Major Garrett, WHCA board member, now speaking. He seems a bit more animated and engaging. Not easy when your audience is still finishing dessert.

10:19: Parsons. Lauds “free and adversarial press.” Then leads toast and introduces POTUS to the podium.

10:20: Here we go. POTUS: “…tonight when Washington celebrates itself. Somebody’s got to do it.”

10:21 “I have something that rhymes with ‘bucket list.” OK.

10:23: “All while having to find time to pray five times a day.” Well. And this: “I’m so old, Boehner’s invited Netanyahu to my funeral.” Alrighty then.

10:24: You don’t have to worry about health care if you lose your job. “You’re welcome, Senate Democrats.” Wow…

10:25: “I think Dick Cheney is the worst president of MY lifetime.”

10:26: “I have a friend who was making millions of dollars a year. Now, she’s living out of a van in Iowa.”

10:27:  On POTUS’ relationship with the VP: “We’ve gotten so close, some places in Indiana won’t serve us pizza.”

10:31: “And Donald Trump is here…still. Anyway…” Enough said.

10:33: On Sen. Bernie Sanders’ possible run for the presidency: “Apparently people want a pot-smoking Socialist in the White House. So we can have a third Obama presidency after all.”

10:34: Obama’s “anger translator” is on now. I’m sure everyone’s awake now.

10:38: “We’ve got a senator throwing snowballs in the Senate…” Oh, you mean this one?

10:40: Now the remarks have taken a serious turn to talk about imprisoned journalists. Another toast to journalists. “Thanks for telling our American story.” And he’s finished.

10:42: Parsons speaking again. About to introduce the next speaker, Cecily Strong.

10:46: “Feels right to have a woman follow Obama…”

10:49: On the Secret Service: “They’re the only law enforcement agency that will get in trouble if a Black man gets shot.” Alrighty then…

10:54: She’s got zingers about the news media. Plenty of them.

10:58: More zingers on Sen. Inhofe. (Watch those props!)

11:02: On possible Democratic candidates not named Hillary: “A Who’s who of ‘Who’s that?'” Quite a line.

11:08: Regarding the POTUS: “Your hair is so white now, it can talk back to the police.”

11:08: And she’s finished! I’ll bet she’s relieved.

11:09: POTUS and FLOTUS being escorted from the stage.

My immediate thoughts? President Obama humor seemed to be of the biting sort. And Cecily Strong seemed like she was delivering a longer version of Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update.” All told, some funny takes on serious subjects.

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