Tonight’s Main Event: The State of the Union Address

Nothing matches the pageantry of the State of the Union (SOTU) address.
Scene from a SOTU
And sometimes, its hilarity.

SOTU Hilarity from the Guardian

Far from its beginnings as information given to Congress from time to time, it’s become the President’s “annual report” to the nation to review where we’ve been during the year, and to explain where we as a nation should go in the year ahead.

Beyond that, the SOTU is like Christmas day for speechwriters and those who love hearing and reading notable speeches. As for me, I listen to what is said and how it is said. I examine every word and phrase. In short, I geek out. And I think everyone should “geek out” just a bit when it comes to this address.  Watching the SOTU and the Republican response is a basic level of civic engagement that we all should exercise.

So tonight, I’ll be looking for the President’s policy proposals, but I will especially look for how he expresses them. Can’t wait to watch!

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